Mobile Stage

The solution for your open air show!


From city squares to the most remote nooks of nature, the mobile stage is easy to transport and setup.


The fast assembly speed reduces work times and costs. Ideal for events, concerts, presentations and live shows.


The service package includes 1 audio technician, 1 lighting technician, 2 band assistants, 1 soundcheck specialist, transport within 50 km from EVENTMORE headquarters.

Technical and structural equipment

Live/audio Kit

2×3000 Wrms audio system
32-Channel digital mixer
4 monitors
4 Send to monitor
15 Microphone standard set

Lights Kit

12 LED Par
6 Moving head
3 Fresnel
1 Fog machine

Structures Kit

1 Drum stage riser 2x2m – h:20cm and 1 Gazebo 3x3m for the mixer

Mobile Stage details

SIZE7.1 x 6.25 mt (walkable)
PROSCENIUM4.2 mt (useful height)
COVERING7.2 x 7.7 mt
ACCESSORIESLadder and wind/water protection on the back and sides.
LIVE AUDIO LIGHTS KITAudio, lights, video and back line for the mobile stage can be customized according to your needs.