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EVENTMORE: Together we will make them exclusive!

The event communicates

Over the years the event concept has undergone a radical evolution. It has been transformed from merely a memorable moment to a modern mechanism of communication and connection.

Full Service Event Management

A new approach to the event concept. Specialized, customized and ready to use. Our Event Manager follows and guides you step by step, from the project till the final execution. The customer, their goals, and a maximum cost efficiency are the center of our work.

You are the motivation

You are the origin of the creative process. The conception starts by listening to your needs and understanding your identity. We protect your guests with safe and certified facilities, we amplify words and light up ideas. We translate your message into a foreign language.

Skills and services

EVENTMORE has all the know-how tools, latest technologies and professionals to plan and give life to an event. From the technical aspects to the most creative and scenographic side. Staff training and research into the newest materials and technologies are at the core.