• New Technology

    High definition and brightness of images

  • Unlimited positions

    Visible to everyone and no space limits

  • Sport and live

    Led Wall for every event

Led Wall

From sports matches to music events, the Led Wall is placed wherever you need

Mobile Led Wall

It is the most modern mobile system for the outdoor viewing of TV broadcasts, movies, graphics, sports events. Mounted on a special trailer, it allows you to show your message anywhere.

Hi-Res Screen

The SMD 10 16:9 screen is equipped with new 3.9mm / 5000 nits SMD LED elements capable of reproducing high-definition and high-brightness images.


Compact and discreet; the installation is performed by a single technician in just 30 minutes. The opening and closing take place through a hydraulic and pneumatic system able to withstand wind up to 70 Km/h.

Technical data

  • Width
  • 230 cm
  • 250 cm (with support feed)
  • Length
  • 524 cm
  • 641 cm (with the hook)
  • Height
  • 230 cm (closed)
  • 550 cm (open with the Led Wall extracted)

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